Merely “Religious” or Good Samaritan?

Love God with all you’ve got, and love your neighbor as yourself. Jesus said, “Do this and you will live.” Then He gave us an example.

The example of the Good Samaritan

Imagine you are in desperate need of help. Life has beaten you down. You’ve fallen, and you can’t get up without a hand. A few of your “religious” friends tell you on Facebook that they are praying for you or send you emails offering advice. But they never offer to meet with you, and they certainly don’t meet your need. Finally, someone you barely know, having heard of your plight, comes to your aid. He takes real interest in you as a person, spends time with you, and gives you exactly what you need to get back on your feet again.

Which of these neighbors loved you as himself? Which of them showed you Jesus? Friends, Jesus makes clear that loving your neighbor as yourself doesn’t mean minding your own business. It means being literally moved with compassion at another’s plight. It means going to him, bandaging his wounds, getting him to a safe place, and helping him get well. It means using your wealth to help him just as you would help yourself, or want to be helped by others. This is the example of the Good Samaritan, and it’s an example Jesus commands us to follow. He commands His knights, all who follow Him, to “go and do likewise.”

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