Climb the Mountain

We’ve been looking at 1 Peter 1:3, and seeing that God has given us a new and living hope through the resurrection of Jesus. Here’s a devotional poem from Christ-follower Jeff Hallett seeing the same. It’s called “Climb the Mountain.”

Why do we climb the mountain?
They say because it’s there.
Just there. Put there.
It’s all just there.

But then,
God gives hope —
rules, redeems, and fills stuff;
in Jesus’ body broken,
in Jesus’ body raised,
God makes mountains mean stuff.

With living hope,
God adds
meta to physical,
reason to season,
mission to vision,
vocation to location,
recreation to creation.

With hope, let’s climb this mountain!
With Him, it’s more than there.

Devotional poem © 2016 Jeff Hallett. Used with permission.

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