Shifting My Gaze

We’ve been looking at John 16:33, and seeing that while in this world we will have trouble, Jesus has overcome the world. Here’s a devotional poem from Christ-follower Kim Adornetto seeing the same. It’s called “Shifting My Gaze.”

Stuck . . .
in the downward spiral
of digital dung —
sucked under by
streaming, screaming headlines
horrific with murder and mayhem.

Escaping . . .
into a virtual reality
of vaporous creatures —
where there is no winning,
only wasting time
away from the terrible.

Hopeless . . .
until He shifts my gaze
away from the vile and the virtual
to where He stands victorious —
unstained, undaunted, undefeated,
full of good cheer.

Hoping . . .
to hear my Lord Jesus
once more whisper in my ear,
“I have overcome the world,”
and have Him shift my gaze
from phantom folly to coming glory.

Devotional poem © 2016 Kim Adornetto. Used with permission.

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