Letter to Daddy

We’ve been looking at 1 John 3:3, and seeing that once we have hope in Jesus, we want to live pure lives like Jesus. Here’s a devotional poem from Christ-follower Robby Cekander seeing the same. It’s called “Letter to Daddy.”


I’m so joyful yet so weak.
There are days I don’t know
if I’ll make it one more week.

I’ve been cut, hurt, replaced.
I’m trying to be patient,
but I want to see your face.

I’m so tired yet still
I have so much energy.
I believe that means
I’m dead and you live in me.

I’m going to get out of bed
because I want you to see
that I live for you and
I want you to be proud of me.

I love you, Daddy!
Your son,

Devotional poem © 2016 Robby Cekander. Used with permission.

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