We’ve been looking at 1 John 3:5, and seeing that Jesus appeared so that He might take away our sins and that in Him is no sin. Here’s a devotional poem from Christ-follower Kim Adornetto seeing the same. It’s called “Holi-mess.”

His holiness . . .
my unholy mess.

The contrast is extreme.
The force of His flawlessness,
brilliance of His innocence,
power of His purity;
these explode over my
hardened heart,
humbling me.
I feel like a sooty silhouette
left behind by an atomic blast,
just a shadow of what He intended.

I wonder . . .

What does it feel like
to live in this world
untainted, unblemished,
unbroken, unstained?
Never imprisoned
by deceitful desires
or damning consequences.
He is both compelling and scary.
I feel uneasy in His presence;
I feel caught by His omniscience.

But then I remember . . .

He chose to share my shame,
embrace my guilt,
and endure my pain.
He crossed the chasm
that isolated my infection
from His perfection.
He gets me. All of me.
Now He waits, ready
with a ring for my finger
and robes of righteousness,
a celestial celebration.

Someday, I will be holy, too . . .
but for now, I am wholly His.

Devotional poem © 2016 Kim Adornetto. Used with permission.

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