God’s Word says, “He appeared so that He might take away our sins. And in Him is no sin” — 1 John 3:5

I remember when
I nearly bled to death —
a ruptured spleen
pouring blood into my body.
Ninety miles an hour we went,
so surgeons could save my life.
You know how urgent that was.

I remember when
I broke my hand
bitterly striking my brother —
his jaw proved tougher than me.
Ashamed but quickly I went,
so doctors could set my hand.
You know we must be put right.

Why then, please tell me why,
do we delay to see the Doctor
whose cross can cure
the fatal poison of our sin?
Especially when we turn to Him,
we find Him knocking at our door?
And yet, you know how we delay.

Devotional poem © 2016 Michael Himick. Used with permission.

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