Work Order

We’ve been looking at John 8:31-32, and seeing that if we follow His teaching, Jesus will lead us to freedom. Here’s a devotional poem from Christ-follower Kim Adornetto seeing the same. It’s called “Work Order.”

Lord, fix my mind
so I don’t get lost in it so often.
Fill in the cavities
with something solid
so I won’t keep hitting
these same old potholes.
Block off the danger zones
so I won’t go that way ever again.

Put up lights at the
dangerous intersections:
Right and Wrong,
Body and Soul,
Fantasy and Truth.
Put a stop sign at the corner
of Love and Need.
And create a bypass
for Depression.
And didn’t there used to be
a yield sign where Christ
turns into Heart?
Oh, and the streetlights
are getting so very dim.

Lord, I know
you’ve given me a map.
But it’s so hard to follow, and
I have a lousy sense of direction.
I have to keep checking in
every day at stations:
Matthew’s, Mark’s, Luke’s . . .
Dear God, please help me.
Won’t you please fix my mind
so I don’t get lost in it so often?

Devotional poem © 2016 Kim Adornetto. Used with permission.

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