Jesus Boldly Dares Me

We’ve been looking at John 7:17, and seeing that Jesus practically dares us to test His teaching. Here’s a devotional poem from Christ-follower Rena Himick seeing the same. It’s called “Jesus Boldly Dares Me.”

How can I know
the thing I think or hear is true,
unless I put it to the test?

I hear stories
great and small,
but would I just
believe them all?
When someone claims
to know the best,
how can I know
who’s a fraud,
just pretending,
and who’s of God,
life unending?

Information comes in waves,
each voice proclaiming
“what I say saves!”

But only One
boldly dares me,
absolutely guarantees me,
that if I’ll walk by faith in Him,
I will know the Truth.
Now faith is trust
and trust is earned,
and testing this I have learned
that Jesus’ joyous ways are Truth.
He is I Am; He is the Way
that I will live with joy today.

Devotional poem © 2016 Rena Himick. Used with permission.

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