Mildly Famous

We’ve been looking at Luke 6:40, and seeing that we are to be like our teacher. Here’s a devotional poem from Christ-following “Champaign” singer Rena Himick seeing the same. It’s called “Mildly Famous.”

I was mildly famous at best,
but still there were
gold and platinum records,
and videos on MTV;
music shows in London,
and Paris, and Amsterdam;
Dick Clark’s Bandstand in LA,
and Solid Gold, and Soul Train;
touring buses, limos, lights,
and champagne at every stop.

So loved, faux loved,
believe me when I say,
fame is an empty box,
covered in glitter and gloss;
those gold and platinum records,
painted plastic props;
the applause, the approval,
comes and goes, sharp removal,
and you remain yourself,
still adrift in need of saving,
still indeed for purpose craving.

Not until I met the King
did life amount to anything;
His love, His approval,
slowly surely sin’s removal;
His Name above all names!
His Cross to bury all my shame!
I am so loved, so loved,
believe me when I say
as a servant of the King,
to put on Christ, Lord Jesus,
to be made like Him indeed,
that’s all the fame we’ll ever need.

Devotional poem © 2016 Rena Himick. Used with permission.

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