Jesus Rose from the Table

Jesus said, “I have set you an example that you should do as I have done for you” — John 13:15

Jesus rose —
He rose from the tomb,
victor over death;
He rose from the table,
example for our lives.

Stripping down to servants’ garb,
the Lord of All Creation
humbly rose from dinner
to do the good
that needed done.

With followers quarreling
over which of them was best,
God Himself washed
dust and dung off
dirty disciple feet.

Returning to the table,
the King serving servants said:
“Now you should do
as I have done;
love and serve each other.”

Servant soles Kingly washed,
insteps free of past roads’ filth,
we learn:
“How happy you will be
if you do as I have done.”

Devotional poem © 2016 Michael Himick. Used with permission.

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