The Magi Find and Worship the Christ

Tradition has turned the magi into nativity statues. But in the truth of Matthew’s gospel, these men made a daring choice to seek a king.

They were wise men

Imagine you have wealth that most in the world can only dream of. You’ve been given education so ample that you make your living not by the sweat of your brow, but by the knowledge and expertise you possess. While many struggle and others starve, you and your friends are a favored group; you are people of position and high standing. So, when news breaks that the “King of the Jews” has been born, why should you change your life to seek Him?

Yet that’s exactly what the men called magi decided to do. These wealthy, learned, comfortable men resolved to leave their lives behind so they could find and worship the Christ. Friends, to seek Him from a distant land was not a painless proposition. They had to leave their homes, families, and jobs. They had to organize a large, expensive caravan and risk a dangerous, months-long journey on trade routes rife with bandits. They had to meet with a treacherous King Herod. The magi not only decided to do all this, but they did it with joy. They joyfully found the Christ, bowed down, and gave their treasures to Him.

One thought on “The Magi Find and Worship the Christ

  1. The gospel in action: How have you left your comfortable life behind to find and worship the Christ? How have you bowed down and given your treasures to Him?

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